Welcome to Oak Creek Cycle Works where we take pride in making quality American made products. In 2009 we purchased a 2008 Kingpin 8Ball. We have always had Mustang Touring Seats on our bikes so we purchased one for the new bike. We then discovered, to our surprise, that there were limited luggage racks that would work with the Mustang Passenger Touring Seat. And so the quest began to build a luggage rack for ourselves. With the help of several engineers and a few close friends that also ride Victory Motorcycles, the Oak Creek Cycle Works Luggage Rack System was conceived and built. It is a high quality six part system that works on the Victory Kingpin and on the Victory Vegas. There is a three piece Solo Rack that is very simple to install. The Solo Rack easily breaks down and can be used to assemble a 2up Luggage Rack that works with the Mustang Passenger Touring Seat. We have a system that works with a Backrest we designed or we have a system that works with the Victory Backrest that you may have already purchased.