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I just wanted to do a final follow up with you regarding the luggage rack and sissy bar I purchased from Oak Creek. After receiving my Mustang seat, I was very pleased how easy it was to install, especially the way everything fit like a glove. Of course it was made for this application however the fit was impeccable and it looks absolutely fabulous as well it is very functional.

Thanks again for all of your help and I highly recommend your system. Unfortunately these pictures were taken last night and as you see we still have a lot of snow.

David A



Well finally a nice day in KC and was able to shoot a few shots of my new Victory with the Oak Creek luggage rack installed. It looks great and really compliments the lines of the bike. This rack looks far better than any of the other racks I have seen so far for the Victory bikes.

John C

2up Luggage Rack for Victory Backrest